Stables for horseback riding enthusiasts

Our own stables for
horseback riding enthusiasts.

Just a few meters from the chalets, you'll find our stables from which we conduct unforgettable rides into the vicinity with its breathtaking natural beauty! Our horses are Frisians – also known as "Black Pearls" – and are available to take you to verdant meadows and adventurous trails.

  • Horseback riding in the Great Outdoors – with stops for refreshments along the way.
  • Riders must be qualified to ride horseback.
  • Meeting-place prior to the ride: 15 minutes in advance, directly at the stables.
  • For additional information and reservations, please contact the manager Patrick directly.
  • Horseback riding at your own risk; riders must be 14 years old or older.
  • Half-day and full-day rides: Prices, upon request.

Horseback riding for one person
25,00 Euro / hour

The "Black Pearls" at the Hasenegg.

Frisians are undoubtedly one of the best-known breeds of horse. With their smooth, black coats and long manes, they present an imposing appearance and are quick to attract attention.
They are frequently seen in particular at riding and driving events. That's because their versatility makes them suitable for not only riding in a square, but also riding outside or pulling a carriage.
But it's at equestrian events that they can really demonstrate their elegance, especially due to their brisk gait and natural talent for the exercises of the High School of Classical Horsemanship. For this reason, too, Frisians (which were originally from the Netherlands) enjoy high popularity throughout Europe.