Mountain Beauty. Enjoy our beauty treatments and spa applications

Mountain Beauty

Enjoy our beauty treatments and spa applications

Enter into our elegant Swiss Stone Pine Parlor and let us pamper you with pleasant massages and effective facial and body treatments.

The calming scent of Swiss Stone Pine, relaxing tones, and pleasant colors will accompany you while highly efficient beauty products and expert massage grips benefit your body and soul. Treat yourself to a relaxing break, with health-giving hand and foot treatments, pleasant facial treatments, and luxurious massages.

Ella Baché, Cosmetic pioneers since 1936.

Ella Baché
Cosmetic pioneers since 1936.

For 80 years, the French cosmetic brand Ella Baché combines the best from Mother Nature, biotechnology, and nutritive substances to create effective beauty formulations for your face and body. Each care product is based on a single major active ingredient with nutritive properties and is especially adjusted to your skin's individual needs.
For a pleasurable and healthful à la carte experience!

Unsere offers for a relaxing holiday.

Two superfood active ingredients Maca Pro-Collagen and Spirulina micronutrients together with hyaluronic acids form a complex that visibly fills wrinkles, moisturizes and instantly plumps them up. The latest technologies in the anti-age field combined with high-quality care produces an immediate effect.

80 minutes of pampering – 109 €

This treatment is rich in wine blossom essences and hyaluron milk fills dry skin with new moisture reserves. Your skin is remineralized and regenerated, becomes more supple, and gains vitality and luminosity.

70 minutes of pampering – 89 €

A vitamin-rich treatment based upon the best active ingredients from the tomato that instantly penetrate your skin and give it vigor and radiance. The gentle fruit acid makes your skin smooth and fresh.

70 minutes of pampering – 89 €

This gentle treatment was especially developed for sensitive skin. It fortifies sensitive skin to protect it against aggressive environmental factors. The calming effect of the raspberry helps instantly reduce redness.

70 minutes of pampering – 89 €

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. This holistic anti-aging eye treatment makes use of highly effective active ingredients and a unique 360° eye lift massage to address beauty issues in the area of your eyes. You'll be amazed at the immediately visible results!

40 minutes of pampering – 45 €

Deep purification for healthy, glowing skin. This treatment employs pleasant massage techniques and highly purifying care products.
HINT: We recommend that you undergo deep purification every four to six weeks.

50 minutes of pampering – 69 €

Relaxing and health-giving facial, head, and neck massage with Ella Baché satin oil

25 minutes of pampering – 45 €

A warm, honey-almond peeling replenishes the lipids in your skin, exfoliates old skin scales, and makes your skin more receptive. The moisturizing body mask provides intensive care via high-quality oils. The concluding massage with satin oil gives your skin a luminous glow.

60 minutes of pampering – 75 €

A warm, honey-almond peeling replenishes the lipids in your skin in your face and throughout your body. It exfoliates old skin scales, and makes your skin more receptive. The moisturizing body mask smoothes your skin and provides intensive care through the use of high-quality oils. The facial mask regenerates your skin and gives it freshness. The concluding massage with satin oil gives your skin a luminous glow.

120 minutes of pampering – 129 €

Massages & packs

A harmonic body massage with warm natural oils. This massage provides deep relaxation to regenerate you and promote sound sleep.

50 minutes of pampering – 70 €
80 minutes of pampering – 95 €

HINT: In order to attain absolutely deep relaxation, we recommend that you first under a care pack in our soft-pack floating lounge chair. The stress on your locomotive apparatus is relieved. The pleasant heat prepares your musculature for the massage.

80 minutes of pampering – 95 € (30-minute pack + 50-minute massage)

This massage is adjusted to your individual needs, with a focus on your problem zones.

25 minutes of pampering – 45 €

A vitalizing and fortifying arnica pack invigorates your leg and back musculature. It's an intensive massage with pressure applied to specific areas to dissolve stubborn tensions and provide your musculature with new energy. Sport pack + intensive back or leg massage.

60 minutes of pampering – 75 €

By means of a special tapping massage technique, naturally pure honey is worked deep into your connective tissue. Waste products and toxins are eliminated, tensions and energy blockages released, and your entire organism fortified. Aromatic honey oil rounds out this effective treatment.

50 minutes of pampering – 75 €

A relaxing and intensive-care facial / head and neck massage with satin oil from "Ella Baché."

25 minutes of pampering – 45 €

A relaxing and at the same time stimulating foot massage, has a calming effect on nervousness, stress, sleep disorders and releases blockages in the body. Special massage strokes release tension in the head, neck and shoulder area.
Highly recommended for high stress levels and vegetative exhaustion.

50 minutes of pampering – 75 €

Hands and feet

Manicure – 45 €
Pedicure – 55 €

Nail polish – 16 €
You get to take the bottle of nail polish we open for you back home with you.

For very stressed hands and feet, we recommend the regenerating hand/feet peeling and a care pack. 15 €

„Chalet dream“ private massage. For „Him“ and „Her“

"Chalet dream" private massage
For "Him" and "Her"

You can enjoy a pleasant whole-body massage in your own chalet (in the summertime, on your private terrace). The relaxing massage techniques will pamper you – without your having to leave your private quarters. A warming trip to the sauna or a pleasant visit to your infrared booth is the optimal preparation for the massage. At the conclusion of this pleasant massage, we will serve you fresh fruit in your chalet.

2 times 50 minutes of pampering – 150 € for 2 persons

„Zero-gravity“ care packs in the soft-pack lounge chair

"Zero-gravity" care packs
in the soft-pack lounge chair

While you lie on your back and float in the 37 °C (98.6 °F) warm water – without your skin touching the water! High-quality essences of the "DR. JOSEPH VITALIS" line of natural products are carefully applied to your body. Your body is then gently packed, and you glide into a floating state. This treatment relieves the stress from your locomotive apparatus and provides deep relaxation.

  • Moisturizing apple / rose-hip pack
  • Calming lavender care pack
  • Detoxifying salt/algae pack
  • Stimulating rosemary pack that activates your circulatory system (with anti-cellulite effect)
  • Arnica pack that fortifies your musculature

40 minutes of pampering – 45 €

Lateness and cancellation
Please understand that if you show up late for your scheduled appointment, we may have to shorten your treatment out of consideration for subsequent guests waiting for their appointments. You will nonetheless be charged the full price for your treatment.
If you wish to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled begin of your treatment. Otherwise, we will have to charge you the full cost for your treatment.

Health problems
If you have any health problems, you should state this when making your appointment. This is because certain treatments may not be suitable for you.