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Note about arriving
Unfortunately, our regular address of Schennaberg 2 is not recognized by GPS systems.
If you are using a GPS system, please enter Oberverdinserstraße for the street name.
You will arrive at our hotel when you reach the crossroads of Oberverdinserstraße & Schennaberg.

Located in the heart of Central Europe, the region of Merano and Environs is accessible year-round in a variety of different ways: you can easily reach the area by car, bus, train or plane.

In order to stay mobile throughout your holiday, you will receive detailed information about South Tyrol’s public transport and the most economical way to get around.

Access by train

  • via Munich - Innsbruck - Brennero - Bolzano - Merano
  • via Linz - Salzburg - Innsbruck - Brennero - Bolzano - Merano
  • via Zurich - Innsbruck - Brennero - Bolzano - Merano
  • via Vienna - Salzburg - Innsbruck - Bressanone - Bolzano - Merano
  • via Venice - Verona - Bolzano - Merano
  • via Milan - Verona - Bolzano – Merano
  • Regional connection
  • Venosta Railway: Merano – Mals

DB-ÖBB EuroCity

Also the DB-ÖBB EuroCity from the German and the Austrian Railways offer trains to reach South Tyrol from Venezia, Bologna, Milano, Brescia, Desenzano, Peschiera, Verona, Rovereto and Trento.

Find information: and (only in Italian or German).


Weather forecasts

Dull, moderate rain
Dull, moderate rain
Min 18° Max 22°

General weather conditions

Some rain showers

Humid air masses determine the weather conditions in South Tyrol.
Mostly cloudy with some rain showers. Thunderstorms can`t be excluded completely.
Top temperatures between 18° and 23°.


Mostly sunny

Northerly currents lead to Föhn conditions in South Tyrol.
Residual clouds and fog will dissolve soon and it will become sunny. In the northern valleys windy.
Maximum values between 19° and 27°.


Saturday sunny, Sunday rainy


Min 16° Max 25°
Dull, moderate rain
Dull, moderate rain
Min 15° Max 20°
Min 14° Max 24°
Min 14° Max 24°

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