Snowshoe hikes

Active vacationing in South Tyrol

Do you long for the ski slopes, or yearn for pristine nature?

Whatever your preferences, you can have it all during your ski vacation in South Tyrol. That's because the five ski areas in the vicinity of Meran / Merano offer both well-groomed slopes plus modern ski lifts and snow-filled forests in peaceful side valleys with cozy alpine huts. Come in out of the cold and warm yourself on a typical South Tyrolean stove-bench! And listen to the quaint stories, ancient lore, and interesting legends that abound here!

Our cozy chalets for romantic moments.

Our cozy chalets for romantic moments..

You can already start looking forward to your stay in the new luxury chalet in South Tyrol – with your private whirlpool and a stunning view! Take a deep breath of the invigorating mountain air and gaze in wonderment at the breathtaking panoramic view of the mountains and valley. Each chalet boasts 90 square meters of living space and is furnished with its own private bathing and wellness area.

The chalets

Skiing at Meran 2000

Enjoy an active winter holiday.
Skiing at Meran 2000

Combine an unforgettable vacation with the highest level of privacy in our chalets and rooms together with a perfect skiing experience in South Tyrol's fascinating alpine wonderland! Far from the hustle and bustle, our guests can relax and enjoy a pleasant holiday while skiing amid the untouched natural beauty. And after a day full of downhill skiing and a relaxing visit to one of the traditional ski huts, you can return to the valley for a good night's rest. Enjoy the health-giving alpine air and the spectacular view!
You can reach the Meran 2000 ski area quickly and easily.

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Snowshoe hiking in Schenna / Scena and the vicinity.

Snowshoe hiking
in Schenna / Scena and the vicinity.

When you go snowshoe hiking, you can wander across pristine snowfields, climb snow-covered summits, and enjoy a unique panorama. When you go snowshoe hiking in Schenna / Scena and its vicinity, you can discover a pristine natural world unlike any other. On the sun-drenched high-altitude plateau of Meran 2000, our guests have their pick of easy or more-challenging routes.

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Christmas Market in Meran / Merano

Our special insider tip for your winter holiday.
The authenticChristmas Market in Meran / Merano

The Advent Season in Meran / Merano is one of the most-beautiful and romantic in the entire alpine region! If you would like to visit a very special sight-seeing destination with authentic character, then the Christmas Market in Meran / Merano is the place for you!
Come and examine the traditional handicrafts and taste-test the delicious South Tyrolean delicacies offered here. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the spa town of Meran / Merano!

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